All SBPL locations will open at 12 PM on Thursday, June 27 due to staff training.


5/21-7/14: Eastside Library will be closed due to construction work.

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Contact Information

Stephanie Lopez-Lozano
Administrative Assistant
Sustainability & Resilience Department
(805) 730-0053


Creeks Advisory Committee Roster

Creeks Advisory Committee
Member's Name/CategoryAppointedTerm Ends
Lori Gaskin (Environmental/Land Use Issues - City)12/06/202212/31/2026
Penny Owens (Environmental/Land Use Issues - City)12/06/202212/31/2026
Anne Burdette (Environmental/Land Use Issues - City)06/27/202312/31/2026
Stephanie Moret (Environmental/Land Use Issues - City)12/05/202312/31/2027
Chris Cline (Hotel/Lodging Industry - City)12/05/202312/31/2027
Lee Heller (Environmental Land Use/Business/Community Issues - City)12/05/202312/31/2027
Conway "Todd" Rulon-Miller (Environmental/Land Use Issues - Non-City)06/11/202412/31/2027