All SBPL locations will be closed on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day.

5/28-5/29: Central's Children's Library will be closed due to construction work.

5/21-7/14: Eastside Library will be closed due to construction work.

Central Library's Book Drops will reopen on June 10th. Please come inside or visit Montecito to return items.

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Contact Information

Community Development SSAC Staff

Phone Number
(805) 564-5502
Mailing Address
Community Development SSAC Staff
PO Box 1990,
Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990.


State Street Advisory Committee Roster

State Street Advisory Committee
Member's Name/Category Appointed
Dianne Black (at Large) 7/20/2021
Hillary Blackerby (at Large) 7/20/2021
Dave Davis (at Large) 7/20/2021
Roger Durling (at Large) 7/20/2021
Nadra Ehrman 7/20/2021
Robin Elander (Business) 7/20/2021
Peter Lewis (Business) 7/20/2021
Kristen Miller (Business) 7/20/2021
Ken Saxon (at Large) 7/20/2021
Susanne Tejada (at Large) 7/20/2021
Michael Beaker (Alternate) 7/20/2021
Marge Cafarelli (Alternate) 7/20/2021
Roxana Bonderson (Planning Commission) 7/20/2021
Ed Lenvik (Historic Landmarks Commission) 7/20/2021
Meagan Harmon (Council) 7/20/2021
Mike Jordan (Council) 7/20/2021
Kristen Sneddon (Council) 1/24/2023