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Sidewalk Vending in Santa Barbara


On April 9, 2022, the City of Santa Barbara Sidewalk Vending Ordinance took effect to create a clear path of rules and regulations that allow for sidewalk vendors, stationary and roaming, to operate safely in the community while maintaining public access and public health. This will be a change for Santa Barbara, as most vending in the public right of way, parks and beaches was generally prohibited.

There are a select number of locations and conditions where sidewalk vending is prohibited. Please review the information guide and/or ordinance on the sidebar for directions.


3 Things You Need to Do Before Sidewalk Vending

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Once your completed application is processed, you will receive a business tax certificate. The business tax certificate must be displayed on cart and/or carried on person at all times vending is taking place.


Business Assistance

The Economic Development Collaborative Small Business Development Center (EDC SBDC), is a non-profit serving Santa Barbara County, that provides no cost, professional advisors that work one-on-one with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them start-up, grow and navigate today’s complex business environment.

EDC SBDC is currently taking phone and virtual appointments via Zoom. To schedule an appointment call (805) 409-9159, or go online to https://calendly.com/edc-sbdc