Water Education


Clean Creeks and Ocean Presentations

Watershed Model (Grade 3-6)
Using a watershed model students learn about water movement through an urbanized watershed, how pollution gets into creeks and the affects it has on the health of the environment and people.  Solutions that reduce these pollutants will be discussed. Contact Liz Smith (805) 897-2606, LSmith@SantaBarbaraCA.gov

Creek Kids Series (Grade 4-6)
Two in class lessons and one half-day fieldtrip to both the Watershed Resource Center and to Old Mission Creek at Bohnett Park.  Students participate in hands-on activities to learn about the physical, biological components of a healthy creek, watersheds and how they work, sources of water pollution and what students can do to improve water quality. Free buses available. Call Explore Ecology at (805) 884–0459 ext.16 or email Education@ExploreEcology.org to schedule series.

Field Trips

Clean water is critical to public and environmental health.  Tour the treatment facilities, participate in creek restorations or learn about the design of our water works in these tours and fieldtrips. 

El Estero Water Resource Center (Grade 5 and up)
Tours of El Estero are on hold until further notice.
Students interact with plant operators and scientists to get the inside scoop on the strange and interesting physical, biological and chemical wastewater treatment processes.  A microscope exploration of microbes gets students up close with these mysterious organisms that help to clean our water. Free buses to El Estero available for City of Santa Barbara schools. Contact: ElEstero@SantaBarbaraCA.gov or (805) 568-1010.

Creek Restoration Stewardship Opportunities  (all grades)
Through community outreach the Creeks Division has identified a number of sites along the City’s creeks that provide opportunities for small community creek clean-up and restoration projects. Contact: Liz Smith (805) 897-2606, LSmith@SantaBarbaraCA.gov

Watershed Resource Center
Located at Arroyo Burro Beach, this field trip offers several hands on activities focusing on watersheds, water pollution and what students can do to protect the health of our creeks and ocean. Free buses are available. Call Explore Ecology at (805) 884-0459 ext.16 or email Education@ExploreEcology.org to schedule fieldtrips.


"H20, Where Did You Go?"
Students learn all about the importance of water in this exciting two-man musical comedy presented by Shows That Teach. Contact the Santa Barbara County Water Agency at waterwiseSB@cosbpw.net or 805-568-3440 to see if your school is eligible for a FREE assembly, paid for by the City and the County of Santa Barbara.  


Water Awareness High School Video Contest
Each year water agencies from Santa Barbara County host the Water Awareness High School Video Contest.   Any high school from Santa Barbara County can submit entries and receive cash prizes! Click here to learn more.