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Water Wise Garden Recognition Contest


2023 - Sharyn Alexander

Photo of 2023 winning garden

Sharyn Alexander was recognized as the 2023 winner for the City of Santa Barbara and the countywide winner for her vibrant garden. Inspired by her “crazy plant lady” mom Dottie, Sharyn and her husband, Clifton, began their landscape transformation seven years ago. Together, they overcame obstacles ranging from sandy soil and creative gophers to learning about irrigation systems and planting zones. Finding that they were enjoying themselves immensely, the metamorphosis of a once “one-dimensional” garden into an eye-catching explosion of colors and textures became a therapeutic familial pass time.   Learn more about the 2023 winning garden here.

2022 - Susan Clarke and Rand Clark

Garden Contest Winner 2022

Susan Clarke and Rand Clark were recognized as the Santa Barbara winner for the countywide 2022 WaterWise Garden Recognition Contest. Their beautiful garden features water wise plants, a rainwater collection basin that can capture more than 600 gallons from their gutters, and efficient drip irrigation. The former lawn has been reimagined into an open front yard that brings enjoyment to the owners, the neighbors, and the butterflies. Learn more about the 2022 winning garden here.

2021 - George Hopwood and Joseph Navarro

2021 Garden Contest Winner


George Hopwood and Joseph Navarro were recognized as the Santa Barbara 2021 winners for the countywide WaterWise Garden Recognition Contest for their beautiful garden featuring a variety of native and water wise plants, a dry creek bed that directs rain water from their downspout into the garden, and efficient drip irrigation. Their favorite aspect of the transformation has been watching the landscape mature over time, as well as no longer having to use a push mower to cut the former lawn! Learn more about the 2021 winning garden here.

2020 - The Poole-Hickey Family

2020 Garden Contest Winner


In 2020, The Poole-Hickey Family was awarded as the winner for the City of Santa Barbara and the countywide winner for their beautiful garden featuring rain barrels, downspouts to the yard, and water wise plants that attract native insects and birds. The Poole-Hickey Family was also named the Better Homes & Gardens' 2020 America's Best Front Yard Contest winner. Learn more about the 2020 winning garden here.

2013 - Christine Nolte

2013 Garden Contest Winner


The 2013 WaterWise Garden Recognition Contest is Christine Nolte! Christine won the City award and the Countywide award for her beautiful and sustainable front garden that incorporates rainwater catchment, native plants, butterfly habitat, permeable hardscape, and efficient irrigation. Learn more about the 2013 winning garden here.