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Water Wise Survey & Incentive Program


A Program for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Water Customers

The City of Santa Barbara is offering indoor and outdoor water use surveys free of charge.  This is a service provided to you which could result in a savings on your water, sewer, and energy bills. In addition, your facility will be eligible for monetary incentives from the City to make the recommended efficiency upgrades.

About the Survey

The surveys will be performed by City-contracted, highly trained water use specialists with City staff who will come to your business at a time convenient for you.  We will request one to a few hours of time from a manager or facility engineer to accompany the water survey specialist during the site visit.

The team will conduct a comprehensive water survey, looking at current and historic water use and provide recommendations as to how your facility can become more water efficient and save you money.

Learn more about the Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Survey and Incentive Program by watching this video.

Survey Findings and Incentives

After the survey is complete, you will receive a summary report that contains an analysis of your facility’s water use, annual costs, water and cost-saving recommendations, and a detailed description of water efficient measures eligible for monetary incentives from the City of Santa Barbara.  Your specific survey report will also include a cost-benefit analysis for implementing the recommendations.

Recent Results:

  • Santa Barbara City College- Water savings: 29%, Annual Savings: $35,346
  • Santa Barbara Waterfront- Water savings: 27%, Annual Savings: $41,465

What is the CII Survey?

The CII survey is a free service provided by the City of Santa Barbara to select commercial, industrial, and institutional water customers to identify ways to reduce water use.

The indoor survey will include

  • Search for hidden water leaks.
  • Identify high water using appliances and fixtures.
  • Install high-efficiency pre-rinse spray valves.
  • Install faucet aerators.

The outdoor survey will include

  • Evaluate your irrigation system efficiency.
  • Review your irrigation controller’s programming.
  • Install or provide a rain sensor.

After the visit, you will receive a report with recommendations for cost-effective conservation measures specific to your site.

Am I eligible?

This particular CII survey program is for commercial, industrial, and institutional water customers only. Nevertheless, all City water customers are eligible for a free residential or commercial water checkup. To find out if you qualify for the WaterWise CII Survey, call the Water Conservation office at (805) 564-5460.

Does it cost anything?

The survey is free. A city contracted specialist will come to your facility and evaluate it free of charge. Your post-inspection recommendation report will also be provided free of charge.

The recommendation report you receive will contain information about cost-effective conservation measures. These measures will be offered to you at a discounted rate. For example, you may be offered rebates specific to your business that are not available to the general public.