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Sustainable Lawn Replacement Rebate


Easy on the Eyes Water Wise 

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The City’s Sustainable Lawn Replacement Rebate provides incentives to help offset the cost of replacing water-thirsty lawns and irrigation with water-wise plants and efficient irrigation. Projects must be approved in advance. Rebate amount is based upon square footage of turf removed.

Eligible projects must demonstrate that lawn has been removed, the sprinkler system has been converted to drip irrigation or eliminated entirely, the area is planted with water wise plants (3 plants minimum per 100 square feet), and the planted area contains 3 inches of mulch. No more than 25% of the rebated area may be permeable flagstones or gravel. Mulch delivery and smart timer rebates available separately.

  • $2.00 / square foot of eligible lawn replaced.
  • Single Family Residential and Small Multi-Family Residential (1-4 dwelling units): $1,500 maximum rebate.
  • Commercial and Large Multi-Family Residential (5+ dwelling units): $2,500 per meter serving irrigation, maximum of $5,000 per property.
Downspout Disconnect Incentive

In order to reduce irrigation water use and reduce storm water runoff and pollutants, the Creeks Division offers an additional incentive to be added on top of the Sustainable Lawn Replacement Program described above. The Downspout Disconnect Incentive requires disconnecting gutter downspout(s) that currently direct rainwater into French drains to the street or onto impervious paved surfaces, and redirecting the water to the landscape.

  • Additional $250 incentive.


  • Projects must not have already started. The lawn must be living or golden, with a recent water use history of irrigation. Bare earth or weeds are not eligible.
  • Projects part of or require a building permit are not eligible.
  • Artificial turf, patio, deck, decomposed granite, or other hardscape will not be installed in the area.
  • This is a performance-based rebate program. Your project must result in a net reduction in total landscape water consumption.
  • The Downspout Disconnect Incentive requires disconnecting downspout(s) that currently direct rainwater into French drains to the street, or onto impervious paved surfaces, and redirecting the water to the landscape.
  • Funding will be reserved for 120 days from date of Authorize to Proceed. Reimbursement Request must be submitted online within 120 days of Authorize to Proceed. If deadline is missed, funding is released and may not be available.
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dried lawn
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weeds on dirt patch

How it Works

Fill out Eligibility Request Form with photos of lawn area to be replaced.
  • This Eligibility Request form is not a guarantee of rebate funding. City staff will contact you via phone or email to inform you if you are eligible or ineligible to progress to the Application Appointment. Do not start any work or remove the lawn before your Application Appointment.
Application Appointment
  • An Application Appointment is a site visit with City staff to explain the program, answer questions, measure the square footage of lawn, fill out an application, obtain signature of authorized person, and give authorization to proceed with the project.
  • Applicant receives a dated Application and Authorization to Proceed, which is the start date for the project. The applicant has 120 days from the Authorization to Proceed date to complete the project and request reimbursement for rebate.
Submit Reimbursement Request once project is complete.
  • Include 3-5 photos of completed project and copy of application as part of Reimbursement Request.
  • Rebates will be processed within 4-6 weeks for qualifying projects. Staff may conduct a site visit and/or request additional photos or video of the project to confirm eligible items.