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All SBPL locations will be closed on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day.

5/21/24 - 7/14/2024: Eastside Library will be closed due to construction work.

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Smart Irrigation Controllers

Smart irrigation controllers (also called weather-based irrigation controllers) can be programmed to give your plants the right amount of water for the type of plant, soil type, time of year, and weather. Smart timers can save users the time and effort needed to change a traditional timer's schedule to account for seasons and changes in weather. Many smart timers are also mobile compatible, allowing users to change settings and view watering information on their smartphone. Correctly programming the timer from the start is essential to achieve water savings and plant health - a smart timer is only as smart as the person who programs it! 

Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles

Rotating nozzles for pop up spray heads apply water much more slowly and uniformly than conventional spray nozzles, allowing the water to soak into the ground instead of running off.

These nozzles shoot multi-trajectory, rotating streams of water and on average use 20% less water than conventional spray heads. In addition to reducing water use, the water jetting from these nozzles is more resistant to wind, less likely to mist, and significantly reduces run-off on to streets and sidewalk.  

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