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City of Santa Barbara Water Supply
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Lincolnwood Water Project


Why This Project?
One of Lincolnwood Mutual Water Company's (LMWC) two wells has failed due to nitrate contamination. LMWC has received a letter from County Department of Public Health urging LMWC to secure a backup supply. An existing 1979 agreement between the City and LMWC provides the City with the option to assume ownership of Lincolnwood’s water system and infrastructure, and have the Lincolnwood neighborhood become City water customers. After over a year of discussions between the City and LMWC representatives, LMWC shareholders voted to connect to the City's water system. City staff presented the preferred path of the LMWC shareholders to the Water Commission on February 18, 2021 who agreed with the recommendation to connect LMWC to the City's system. On March 23, 2021 City Council voted to enact the option to assume ownership of Lincolnwood’s water system and connect the Lincolnwood neighborhood to the City water system.

What's Next?
City staff is currently working with LMWC representatives on the legal transfer of water system assets. The City will install City water meters for each property within the Lincolnwood neighborhood. Then, LMWC water pipes will be connected to the City’s water system. Once connected to the water system, property owners will start receiving water charges on their City utility bills. Property owners/tenants will be notified when it is their turn to have a new City water meter installed. The City anticipates the neighborhood to be connected to the City’s water system by December 2022.

Project Background
City staff and the Lincolnwood Mutual Water Company Board President prepared a detailed Q&A document for the project. Additionally, the City and the LMWC Board President hosted an informational session for LMWC shareholders on November 12, 2020.