Water Resources Laboratory


Water Quality Analysis

Analysis of wastewater, drinking water, creek and ocean water are conducted or coordinated by the City’s laboratory. Tests performed follow protocols established by the Environmental Protection Agency as required by state and federal laws. The EPA established testing procedures with the intent to protect public and environmental health and safety.

Drinking Water Analysis

The lab routinely tests drinking water at the source and throughout the distribution system to ensure that water quality goals are met. The facility uses advanced equipment for the analysis of trace metals, inorganics and organic contaminants and other important parameters established by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. The City does not add fluoride to the drinking water. 

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Wastewater analyses are performed each day at various stages of treatment including analysis for heavy metals, bacteria, oil and grease, solids, and biochemical oxygen demand (a measure of waste strength).

Creek & Ocean Water Quality

The City has an extensive water quality monitoring program. From 2001-2003, the City focused on gathering baseline data, primarily for bacterial pollution and habitat quality. The city conducted weekly sampling for indicator bacteria at over 30 sites in Arroyo Burro, Laguna Channel, Mission, and Sycamore watersheds. Spot samples were also collected for some chemical pollutants.

In 2004 the water quality monitoring program was expanded to focus more on chemical pollutants throughout the watershed, treatment/restoration project performance, and water quality during storm events.

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