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Devil's Canyon Creek


The City maintains a small diversion structure on Devil’s Canyon Creek about a half a mile downstream of Gibraltar Dam which diverts water into Mission Tunnel. The diversion has been a source of supply for the City since the early 1900s. The primary use for the diversion is to supplement Gibraltar water during periods of turbidity, such as soon after a storm. The water from Devil’s Canyon clears up significantly faster than the reservoir water.

Annual Yield: Average: 118 AFY
Yield Range: Range: 0 AFY - 557 AFY

Operating Criteria

Water is diverted as available to help improve the quality of water going into Mission Tunnel. Water is diverted when a V-notch weir is lowered into a concrete channel causing the water flowing in the creek to back up and form a pool. An opening in the wall just upstream of the weir allows the water to enter a pipe which carries water to Mission Tunnel and into the City. This water is counted as a part of allowable diversions under the Pass Through Agreement.