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Automated Metering Infrastructure Project

AMI How it Works

The City is working to enhance our customer service offerings by implementing Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Automated metering infrastructure is a system of meters, communication networks, and software that transfers water use information and service alerts over a secure, wireless network to a central database. This information is used to prepare water bills, analyze water use trends, provide customers with hourly water use information, and notify customers of potential leaks.

This project began in 2014 with the Water Meter Replacement Program, in which all of the City’s water meters were replaced with new, AMI compatible meters. The City has entered the next phase of the project, which includes installing radio transmitting devices on the existing meters and data collection points at several locations throughout the City's water service area. This infrastructure enables the City to automatically deliver hourly meter reading information back to the City’s systems through a safe and secure signal. This system is similar to the gas and electric AMI meters that our customers already have on their property. Additionally, this project will include online access for water customers to understand and manage their water usage data on a regular basis. The rollout of the online customer portal, WaterSmart, is currently anticipated in early 2024.


The Meter – Existing water meters are connected to an AMI radio device.

The Communications Network – The radio device connected to the meter delivers usage information securely over a radio network to the City.

The Water Utility Office – The City uses the meter readings and alerts to support monthly billing and respond quicker to service disruptions.

The Customer – Access to the online customer portal, WaterSmart, allows customers to view and monitor hourly water use, leak alerts, and make more informed decisions regarding conservation efforts.

AMI How it Works

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