Ready, Set, Go!


It is not a matter of if another wildland fire will occur, but when!

The Ready, Set, Go! program gives you the tips and tools to successfully prepare for a wildfire. It provides guidance to you so your home has the greatest potential for survival.

This brochure can help you and your household plan ahead so that you can leave early, well ahead of a fast approaching wildfire. Early evacuations are critical in the Santa Barbara foothills. We have a history of fires that take only minutes to turn into conflagrations. They will happen again. By following the enclosed checklists and creating your own Personal Wildfire Action Plan, you will be ready and have the peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything possible to ensure your households safety and your home’s survival.

The brochure is  in the process of being updated in 2022. 

Ready! Set Go! Brochure
Ready Set Go Cover Page
Ready! Set! Go! cover page