Become a Certified CCTV Inspector

The next Certification Course will take place in January 2023. Contact us to signup for our Plumber Newsletter and be notified when the next course will take place.

Who can perform Sewer Lateral Plumbing Inspections and prepare its Report?

In accordance with Santa Barbara Municipal Code Section 14.46.050 all Sewer Lateral Inspection Reports must be prepared by a licensed plumber. Licensed plumbers are those plumbers holding an appropriate license for the type of work being performed from the California Contractors State License Board.

How can a Licensed Plumber or Company get into the City of Santa Barbara's Certified CCTV Inspector List?

Licensed plumbers working independently or representatives of a plumbing contractor company will be required to attend the Annual City of Santa Barbara CCTV Inspector Certification Course. Attendance is required if independent plumbing contractor or company wants to be included in the City's Certified CCTV Inspector List. The Annual Certification Program is offered two times a year and is announced in our Plumber Newsletter. Contact us if you would like to get added to the email list.

The content of the certification program will include:

  • Review of the scope and intent of the City of Santa Barbara's Sewer Lateral Inspection Program; 

  • Review of the City of Santa Barbara Sewer Lateral Inspection submission format   

  • Specifications for the video inspection, including the requirements for speed of travel of the camera in the lateral, and quality requirements;

  • Direction on what is expected for inspection of the property to ensure outdoor drains are not connected to sewer;

  • Direction on checking for backwater valve or need thereof.

Important note on subcontractors: Licensed plumbers contractors or companies may employ subcontractors to do the actual video inspection of the sewer line, but all reports must be signed by the Certified Licensed Plumber.