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Contact Waterfront Parking

Waterfront Parking Services
132-A Harbor Way
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Phone: (805) 564-5523
Fax:  (805) 560-7580


Office Hours

Monday - Friday:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m


Attendant Parking System


Rates and fees are adopted by City Council Resolution. All waterfront parking lots are closed between 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM except the Harbor Main lot and the Launch Ramp. Contact the Parking Office at (805) 564-5523.

Parking Details

Harbor Main & Launch Ramp Parking: Boat trailers must park in the Launch Ramp area in designated yellow “Diamond” boat-trailer stalls only; all areas allow for single vehicle parking; parking in the Harbor and/or Launch Ramp is limited to three 24-hour period.  No in-and-out parking privileges are allowed.


Single Vehicle  $3.50 per hour or any part of an hour

Single Vehicle Daily Max  $20.00 per day per space

Non-Surrendered Single Vehicle Ticket $60.00

Boat Trailer $3.50 per hour or any part of an hour

Boat Trailer Daily Max $8.00 per day per space

Non-Surrendered Boat Trailer Ticket $32.00