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A Smarter Way to Approach Traffic Safety!


Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries in Santa Barbara by 2030 while enhancing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all.

Vision Zero is about evolving our thinking about what causes traffic-related collisions and how to prevent them. Traditionally, traffic fatalities and severe injuries have been viewed as “accidents,” yet each traffic-related collision has a cause and can be prevented. Vision Zero regards traffic collisions as a policy problem addressed through focused evaluation, education, engineering, and enforcement.

Safety-First Four E's

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Serious and Fatal Collisions Heat Maps

The Serious and Fatal Collisions Heat Maps show the locations of all collisions resulting in serious injuries and fatalities over a ten-year period. The areas in red have the highest numbers of collisions, whereas the yellow and green represent lower numbers. The data represented and community feedback from the collision prone areas help City staff develop approaches to cool the maps over time, thus getting closer to zero fatalities and serious injuries.

What We're Doing

Castillo Undercrossing from afar.
The City received a Measure A grant to develop a concept design for bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements at the approaches to the Castillo Street undercrossing at U.S. Highway 101.
Crosswalk at the intersection of Mission and Chapala Street
In 2018, City Council adopted the Santa Barbara Vision Zero Strategy, which aims to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all. Most traffic-related deaths…
Cliff Drive road between Oliver and Meigs Roads
The City of Santa Barbara is developing a project to increase safety along the Cliff Drive corridor. A high number of repeat collisions in this corridor make safety modifications a high priority. Community feedback over the years has also…
Aerial view of the intersection of Milpas and Mason Streets
Milpas Street is a busy arterial street in the Eastside neighborhood with five lanes of traffic carrying over 23,000 vehicles per day. Milpas ranks #2 in the City for the highest number of pedestrian-involved collisions. As a result, City…
Rendering of the design for the State Street Undercrossing - View of the roadway with bollards.
The U.S. 101 State Street Undercrossing (Undercrossing) has among the highest concentrations of serious injuries to pedestrians and cyclists in the City of Santa Barbara (City).The Vision Zero State Street Undercrossing Project (Project)…

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