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Chapala Street Vision Zero Project

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Derrick Bailey, Principal Traffic Engineer.


In 2018, City Council adopted the Santa Barbara Vision Zero Strategy, which aims to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all. Most traffic-related deaths and serious injuries in Santa Barbara are concentrated in a small number of streets, which are called Vision Zero Priority Corridors. Chapala Street is a Vision Zero Priority Corridor due to the history of broadside, sideswipe, and speed-related collisions that have resulted in death and/or serious injuries. In preparation for this project, a Vision Zero safety analysis was performed on Chapala Street to identify safety improvements that may address the repeating patterns of collisions.

In 2022, the City implemented several improvements. Chapala Street was repaved between Sola and Mission Streets, with several safety enhancements included, as part of the City’s Streets Pavement Maintenance Program. Safety enhancements include a new traffic signal and improved intersection lighting at Arrellaga Street. In addition, between Arrellaga and Mission Streets, Chapala Street was reduced to one traffic lane and now includes a bike lane to provide an improved connection for cyclists traveling between Downtown and the upper De La Vina and State Street area.