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2021 Online Workshop



The Planning Department launched an Online Workshop which was open from February 19th - March 3rd. This Online Workshop expands opportunities for community engagement, allowing the public to share thoughts and collaborate with other community members and City decision-makers about the future of multi-unit (apartments and condominiums) housing opportunities in the community.

View the Draft Building Size Map here.

Building Size Standards

Below is information about building size standards and existing buildings:

  • Explore the background on current apartment and condominium standards and why we are creating new standards.
  • Learn about regulating building size by Floor-to-lot Area Ratios or FAR and how this tool can be used to regulate apartment and condominium building sizes and create more housing and appropriately sized buildings in our community and watch an informative video on Floor-to-lot Area Ratio here.
  • Get familiar with different building sizes in the City by exploring a map with pictures of buildings (residential and commercial) and their sizes to give you an idea of what is on the ground today.