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Archive and Documents from Water Vision


Learn About Water Supply Planning

The videos below break down the complex water supply planning process into simple, digestible, terms.

Lunch and Learn Recordings

During the week of October 5, 2020 the City will offered daily, 45-minute Lunch and Learns on a range of water related topics offered in English and Spanish. 

Water Conservation Strategic Plan

Learn more about the programs that make up the City's Conservation Strategic Plan. Topics include how/why the programs were selected, the benefits the programs offer to the City's water supply, and more.

Where Our Water Comes From, Including Ocean Desal

Santa Barbara has one of the most diverse water supplies in the country—with 6 sources serving all of our community’s water needs. Learn about the different water sources that serve our community, the give and take of future supply planning, and to get your top water supply questions answered by City staff.

The Basics of Water Rates

Learn the basics of what goes into setting our community’s water rates, including key incentives for water efficiency and conservation. City staff answer some of our community's top questions and share future opportunities to get involved in the City’s water rate decisions.

Methods to Optimize Water Resilience and Reliability

Santa Barbara’s diverse water supply is a key factor in ensuring the continued resilience and reliability of water to our community—even as the City faces unprecedented shocks and stresses. Learn the key methods the City is incorporating into its Water Vision plan to optimize the continued resilience and reliability of our water supply while retaining its commitment to affordability and environmental health. Topics include the role of desalination, conservation, water loss control, potable reuse, and groundwater banking/storage.

Archive of Public Meetings

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Stakeholder Workshop Recordings

The City had 30 community leaders serving as the Water Vision Stakeholder Group. They informed the Water Vision by participating in 5 stakeholder group workshops from April 2020 through January 2021. Below are materials and recordings from each of these Stakeholder Group workshops.