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Del 21 de mayo al 14 de julio: la Biblioteca Eastside estará cerrada debido a trabajos de construcción.

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Building Inspections 

Building Code Questions

Mailing Address:
City of Santa Barbara
Community Development Dept.
Building & Safety Division, Inspections
PO BOX 1990
Santa Barbara, CA 93102


Building Inspections


NEW!  Building Permit Inspection Request Online Option! Inspections may now be requested using an Accela Citizen Access account (ACA).

Account creation instructions can be found on the Apply for a Permit page. 

Online Request Process: A step by step guide to help navigate the online inspection request process is provided below.
Supported Software: Chrome or Edge must be used as the desktop browser; Safari and Samsung browsers will not work. The mobile online inspection module is only supported by android devices; currently iPhones are not compatible. 

Guide: Request a Building Permit Inspection thru Accela Citizen Access

Assistance: For assistance either creating an ACA account, or assistance learning how you can schedule an inspection through your ACA account, email Building and Safety Division staff at:

Update!  (4-8-24)
Phone Phase Out: Begins on April 9, 2024.
Email Phase Out: Suspended.  Email requests for building permit inspection will continue to be accepted.

*Please contact Building & Safety counter staff if accessibility circumstances necessitate assistance.

To request a building inspection via email, provide the following in the order listed:

  • 9-digit permit case # (e.g. BLD####-#####)
  • Address for the inspection
  • Type(s) of inspection needed
  • Name of person to be contacted 
  • Phone number for contact by the inspector
  • Date desired for inspection

We currently accept requests until 6:30 AM on the day of the requested inspection.

The Building & Safety Division is closed every other Friday. See the City's Calendar of Events.


Frequently Asked Questions

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