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Proposed Waterfront Project - Leadbetter Restroom Renovation

The Waterfront Department is proposing a renovation of the Leadbetter restroom facility and invites the community to comment on the project at a public meeting. The public meeting will be held at the Marine Center Classroom at 125 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara on Thursday, December 14, 10:00 am.

The restrooms at Leadbetter Beach were originally constructed in 1969. Various upgrades to the mechanical equipment have been performed throughout the years. This will be the first complete renovation since the original construction. 

The City of Santa Barbara has a long-standing commitment to keeping facilities code compliant and current with ADA standards. This project will address outstanding accessibility requirements and upgrade finishes to be more comfortable and functional. 

Temporary facilities will be on site and the nearest facilities at the Harbor area will be open during construction. The project will take approximately 12 weeks. 

The Waterfront Department is a self-supporting enterprise, owned and operated by the City of Santa Barbara. No tax dollars are used for Waterfront improvement projects.

Please contact Lyn Burich, Waterfront Project Engineer, with any questions at (805) 897-1964.

Proposed Leadbetter Restroom Renovation Project
Proposed Leadbetter Restroom Renovation Project


Proposed Leadbetter Restroom Floor Plan
Proposed Leadbetter Restroom Floor Plan

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For more information, contact Brian Adair at (805) 564-5527.