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Design Standards


To encourage more housing in Santa Barbara and respond to changes in State Law, the City is proposing new Objective Design and Development Standards (ODDS) for projects of two or more units.  Please view the Fact Sheets under the "Documents" heading and the Project Overview video below to learn why objective design standards are being proposed, what makes a standard objective, where will this program apply, and how to join the conversation.   

Provide Input on the Draft Objective Design and Development Standards

The Public Review Draft, Draft ODDS Zone Map, and Draft ODDS Architectural Styles Map were released on June 26, 2023.  On July 6, 2023, the Planning Commission received an overview of the June 2023 Public Review Draft. Please send your thoughts on the Public Review Draft, Zone Map, and Architectural Styles Map to  Staff will consider your input and return to the Planning Commission in spring 2024 for a recommendation to City Council. 

The Draft Zones Map is described in further detail below.  The Draft Architectural Styles Map shows areas of the City that would be limited to Mediterranean, Craftsman, or Contemporary architectural style groups.  Please view the Architectural Style Fact Sheet for more information. 



ODDS Draft Zone Map

The Draft Zones Map shows new zone districts to generate and support pedestrian-oriented, walkable environments. These environments are described as walkable because of their interconnected streets and blocks with sidewalks, variety of housing choices, and proximity to services, shopping, and/or transit.  The zones range in function and intensity from primarily residential areas (Neighborhood Medium and Neighborhood Large) to moderate-intensity corridors (Mixed-Use Corridor), to higher intensity neighborhoods (Downtown Edge) and the highest intensity center (Downtown Core). 

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Project Overview


Kick Off

July 2021

Work Group Meetings

Sept and Nov 2021

Existing Conditions Memo Released

Jan 2022 

Continued Work Group Meetings

October to December 2022

Admin Draft ODDS Released

Oct 2022

Architectural Board of Review and Historic Landmarks Commission Overview Hearings

March 2023

Revised Public Review Draft ODDS Released

June 2023

Planning Commission Overview Hearing

July 2023

Planning Commission and City Council Review and Adoption



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Frequently Asked Questions

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