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One Water


The City of Santa Barbara is implementing an important initiative that integrates the value of all water into all City operations. This means that all waters - wastewater, groundwater, stormwater, seawater, and surface water - have an important role to play in Santa Barbara. This initiative is called One Water Santa Barbara but it doesn’t just end with valuing water in varying states.  One Water is a holistic approach to water management that takes into consideration all the various ways water impacts our lives and the community.

Santa Barbara has a deep history of environmental stewardship and sustainability and has placed significant value on natural resources. One Water Santa Barbara creates a framework in which all water resources, planning efforts, and projects are considered holistically and in a coordinated way to ensure water supply reliability while measuring against goals associated with energy independence, climate resilience, environmental protection, and community priorities.


One Water Santa Barbara is an integrated approach to managing water by aligning with our community goals, balancing interests, and optimizing resources.

Guiding Principles

  1. Increase coordination, cooperation, and awareness of our water resources with City departments, our partners, and stakeholders.
  2. Balance environmental, economic, and societal goals by implementing fiscally responsible and equitable projects and programs that provide multiple benefits.
  3. Enhance our community’s quality of life by monitoring and maintaining reliable water systems.
  4. Improve local water supply reliability by diversifying our supply portfolio and using water efficiently.
  5. Increase climate resilience by planning for climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.
  6. Enhance community awareness and advocacy for sustainable water through active engagement, building trust and high regard, public outreach, and education.
  7. Create and maintain a One Water Santa Barbara framework that is adaptive and underpinned by sound metrics.
Logo for One Water City of Santa Barbara