Santa Barbara Colors


Santa Barbara Colors: "A Guide to Painting Buildings"

The Historic Landmarks Commission developed the “SantaBarbara Colors: A Guide to Painting Buildings” (SB Colors Guide) to streamlinethe review process for paint colors for Spanish Colonial Revival andMediterranean style buildings. Applicants selecting colors from this guide, canreceive an administrative approval as outlined in the “Historic LandmarksCommission General Design Guidelines and Meeting Procedures.” This guide isintended to be used as a tool for all Spanish Colonial Revival and MediterraneanStyle buildings in the City, and not limited to those located in El PuebloViejo Landmark District. The guide portrays a selection of appropriate colorsfor Santa Barbara, generally. It is notintended to represent the only colors that are acceptable. As part of this effort, appropriate colorsfor awnings and umbrellas were added to this guide.

To further assist you in matching the colors in the guide to colors at your chosen paint store or manufacturer, the Planning Division have available to the public a color-matching digital scanning tool that allows users to match colors in the SB Color Guide to the paint manufacturer of their choice. Visit the Planning Counter (630 Garden Street) to view and scan directly the color selections in the guide and the app will accurately match those scanned colors to paint manufacturers detailing the color name and number needed when ordering paint. (The color tool is maintained by Urban Historian and requests to use it may be made directly at the Planning Counter or by contacting the Urban Historian directly at (805) 564-5536 to set up an appointment.)


Please Note: This document is provided for general concept information only. The color samples in this online document may not be accurate due to the inherent effects of electronic reproduction. Please visit 630 Garden Street to see the colors as they appear in the original hardcopy version of this book.