Ortega Park Master Plan


Project Description

The project consists of the Ortega Park Master Plan, including demolition of existing facilities and construction of a new swimming pool, wading pool, water slide, skate park, splash pad, sports courts, shade sails, sports field with synthetic turf, ping pong tables, cornhole, and buildings for restrooms and maintenance. On-site improvements such as fencing, parking, landscaping, dumpsters and related enclosures, and internal walkways are also proposed. Public art would remain a part of the project, as documentation of all existing murals would occur prior to any on-site grading or demolition. Five (5) existing murals are proposed for relocation on-site, three (3) existing murals would be recreated, and four (4) of the existing murals would be re-envisioned. Additional blank space for new murals is also proposed. All new murals would be consistent with a Mural Implementation Plan to ensure thematic consistency. Right-of-way improvements including street parking, parking medians, and sidewalk installation are proposed. Front setback modifications to allow parking within the front setbacks along both Ortega Street and Salsipuedes Street are required. Planning Commission review of select amenities for consistency with the “Community Buildings” and “Sports Facilities” park designations is required. The park is considered a Community Park (except the ballfields and related facilities), a Sports Facility (for the ballfields and related facilities only), and a Community Building (the Welcome House and pool) per City Council Resolution 17-074. The parcel is zoned P-R, with a General Plan designation of Parks and Open Space.


Notice of Intent
Mitigated Negative Declaration


Attachment 1 - Project Plans (Architectural)
Attachment 1 - Project Plans (Civil)
Attachment 2 - Standard Conditions Included in MND
Attachment 3 - Applicant Letter
Attachment 4 - Memo from Nathan Slack
Attachment 5 - Mural Report
Attachment 6 - ABR Minutes
Attachment 7 - HLC Minutes
Attachment 8 - CalEEMOD data
Attachment 9 - Site Assessment Report
Attachment 10 - Soil Management Plan
Attachment 11 - EHS Conditional Approval Letter
Attachment 12 - Noise Analysis
Attachment 13 - Sewer and Water Demand Study
Attachment 14 - Onsite Stormwater Report
Attachment 15 - Offsite Stormwater Report
Attachment 16 - MMRP
Attachment 17 - Heal the Ocean comment letter
Attachment 17a - Remedial Action Agreement
Attachment 17b - Parks letter
Attachment 17c - EHS letter
Attachment 17d - EHS letter
Attachment 17e - Lead Contaminants
Attachment 17f - Ortega Park map of TPH
Attachment 17g - Artifical Turf
Attachment 18 - Staff response memo
Attachment 18a - EHS response letter
Attachment 18b - RRM response letter
Attachment 18c - Rincon response letter
Attachment 18d - Shaw Turf response letter
Attachment 18e - APCD response letter


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