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Right of Way

Street and Sidewalk Maintenace Responsibilities

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The Streets Operations & Infrastructure Management Division (Streets Division) cleans and maintains the City's existing transportation and storm drain system infrastructure within the public right of way. 

The City’s Responsibilities:

  • Commercial Street Sweeping
  • Curb Painting and Gutter Repairs 
  • Debris in the Right-of-Way
  • Graffiti Abatement
  • Pavement Maintenance and Pothole Repairs 
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Storm Drain Maintenance 
  • Street Barricades and Temporary ‘No Parking’ Signs for Special Events 
  • Traffic and Street Sign Installation and Replacement 
  • Traffic Signals

Did you know there are over 1,200 sidewalks and 300 miles of sidewalks in the City of Santa Barbara? 

Private Property Owner’s Maintenance Responsibilities:
The private property owner is responsible for the vegetation in the public right-of-way (parkway) between the private property owner’s land and the curb/street (unless it involves City-maintained trees), ensuring it is safe, does not block accessible passage on the sidewalk (if there is one), doesn’t obstruct vehicle sight lines and doesn’t present a fire hazard. 

Service Requests: 
Download the SB Connect app here! This is the City's app that makes it easy to report items that need repair or attention around the City such as potholes, illegal dumping, sidewalk cracks, street issues, and more. You can submit service requests anonymously or create a free account to track progress and see how other community members are engaging with the City.

City Programs/ Resources for Residents/ Businesses for Keeping Public Areas Clean:

Who to Call to Keep Our City Clean:

  • Free Pick-Up of Large Household Items and Green Waste (Marborg): (805) 963-1852
  • Illegal Dumping: (805) 963-1852
  • Recycling Questions: (805) 564- 5631
  • Clean SB: (805) 564-5558
  • Report Potholes, Street and Sidewalk Damage: (805) 897-2630
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart: (805) 564-5558
  • Street Sweeping: (805) 897-1903

By taking proactive measures, we can all ensure our neighborhoods remain clean, green, and inviting for all! For more information on maintaining your property, click here