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Elizabeth Stotts
Homelessness Programs Analyst
(805) 564-5511


Santa Barbara ACT on Homelessness Collaborative


About the Collaborative
The Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation (SB ACT) builds collaborative partnerships with stakeholders to develop strategies and coordinate operations in response to complex social issues. Since Fiscal Year 2020, SB ACT has provided administrative support and facilitation of the ACT on Homelessness Collaborative to bring together City staff, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, community members, individuals who have experienced homelessness, and others engaged in responding to the homelessness crisis. SB ACT facilitated the development of a Three-Year Common Agenda/Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan) for the City of Santa Barbara, which was completed in June 2023. See below for the 3-Year Final Report. 

At the start of Fiscal Year 2024, SB ACT facilitated the development of a South County ACT on Homelessness Collaborative, bringing in representatives from Goleta, Carpinteria, and Montecito, Santa Barbara County staff, and business and philanthropic stakeholders. Under SB ACT’s stewardship, the collaborative developed and implemented a region-wide “priority plan” identifying key numeric and policy goals to be completed by September 30, 2024.

The shared priority plan goals are:

  • Behavioral Health: facilitate positive housing and/or behavioral health outcomes for 50 percent of 15 of the “highest acuity” individuals in South Santa Barbara County.
  • Vehicular Homelessness: facilitate a sustained increase in the number of fully enrolled Safe Parking RV parking spots in South Santa Barbara County by 25 percent.
  • Public Narratives:
    1. Increase the number of media releases about homelessness by 15 percent and increase positive narratives about homelessness by 15 percent; and
    2. Reduce non-emergency calls to emergency responders for service regarding homelessness by 15 percent (i.e., redirect non-emergency calls to appropriate reporting systems such as SB Connect)

Regional Action Plans
SB ACT also convenes regular neighborhood-centered group meetings known as Regional Action Plans (RAPs) that bring together area stakeholders to discuss issues of concern, inform the public about efforts to address homelessness, and develop strategies to reduce the impacts of homelessness. There currently are two RAPs: one for the Downtown and Waterfront area, and another for the Eastside neighborhood. Meetings are attended by residents, business leaders, and service providers. City staff from the Encampment Response Team, Police and Fire, City Administrator, and Community Development actively participate in the meetings and address issues of concern among the community. To receive updates from SB ACT and notices of upcoming RAP meetings, contact info@sbact.org.

Navigation Centers
In 2021, SB ACT formalized and expanded the Neighborhood Navigation Center (NNC) model in which service providers come together in a “one-stop-shop” weekly pop-up location. Services include case management, food distribution, medical and veterinary care, sanitation services, and more provided by many nonprofit organizations. 

In June 2024, in partnership with the City and numerous service providers, SB ACT opened the FARO Center (Fostering Access, Resilience and Opportunity), which provides a physical location that is open 5 days a week. Services include case management, assistance with obtaining documents necessary to secure housing (e.g., birth certificate, government ID), housing referrals, workforce development and life-skill building, job search assistance, healthcare and mental health support.

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