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Construction Projects

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Santa Barbara Police Station Project.jpg
The existing Santa Barbara City Police Station, located at 215 East Figueroa Street, was constructed in 1959. Since that time, there have been substantial increases in both City population and Police Department staff. In addition, the…
Santa Barbara Airport FAA Tower with mountains backdrop
The FAA is requiring SBA bring the airfield into compliance with FAA Engineering Brief 89 regarding taxiway naming conventions.  FAA Engineering Brief requirements are now contained in FAA Advisory Circulars and provide the Airport with a…
Torii gate at Shoreline Park
The restoration of Shoreline Park's traditional torii gate and Japanese garden will bring a beautiful cultural space back to the park.
Thousand Steps staircase to the beach
The Thousand Steps Repair Project includes demolition and reconstruction of the lowest 24 steps, the installation of ten additional concrete steps to extend the stairway below the wintertime scoured beach condition, and more.
Turf at Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden
Ongoing turf renovations and irrigation upgrades will increase the safety, function, and beauty of Santa Barbara's parks.
Cliff Drive Undergrounding.jpg
Property owners interested in forming a utility underground assessment district can request the City of Santa Barbara to administer the formation process. There are three ways property owners can underground existing overhead utilities:
Westside Community Paseos Project.jpg
The Westside neighborhood of Santa Barbara has a propensity for walking and biking, however it lacks bike facilities and a safe and easy crosstown connection. The Westside Community Paseos will establish safe and efficient connections from…
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