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Contact Information

Andrea Bifano,
Rental Housing Mediation Supervisor

Raymond Rengo
Rental Housing Mediation Specialist

(805) 564-5420

Mailing Address
Community Development RHMP Staff
PO Box 1990,
Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990

Office Hours
Walk-ins are from 8:30am to noon, with office hours after noon being by appointment only. Staff is available for telephone consultations from 8 am to 5 pm.


Rental Housing Mediation Board Roster

Rental Housing Mediation Board
Member's Name/CategoryAppointedTerm Ends
Richard Axilrod (Landlord Mediator - City)12/08/202012/31/2024
Justin Dullum (Homeowner Mediator - City)12/08/202012/31/2024
Cindy McCann (Homeowner Mediator - City)06/28/202212/31/2024
Daniel R. Herlinger (Homeowner Mediator - City)12/07/202112/31/2025
E. Howard Green (Tenant Mediator - City)06/11/202412/31/2025
Rigoberto Gutierrez (Tenant Mediator - City)12/06/202212/31/2026
Heather Smith (Homeowner Mediator - City)06/27/202312/31/2026
Leesa Beck (Homeowner Mediator - County)12/05/202312/31/2027
Marilyn Loperfido (Tenant Mediator - City)12/05/202312/31/2027
John Beardsmore (Landlord Mediator - City)12/05/202312/31/2027
Teresa Patino (Landlord Mediator - City)12/05/202312/31/2027
Cathy Murillo (Tenant Mediator - City)12/05/202312/31/2027
Scott Barash (Landlord Mediator - County)06/11/202412/31/2027
VACANT, Landlord (City/County) 12/31/2027
VACANT, Tenant (City/County) 12/31/2027