Harbor Master Plan Area


The purpose of the Harbor Master Plan Design Guidelines is to implement policies and design themes for the Harbor Master Plan Area.  In addition, these Guidelines are intended to recognize, preserve, and promote the vitality of the Harbor Commercial and Stearns Wharf areas.

These Guidelines, in conjunction with other relevant guidelines and ordinances, provide direction to applicants, designers, City Staff, the Architectural Board of Review, other approval agencies, and the public as a whole, and serve as a guide for decision makers to make findings during the review process.  They are not meant to discourage unique and inventive design solutions.  Although failure to meet the Guidelines can form a basis for denial of a project, non-compliance with the Guidelines shall not be grounds to invalidate any action taken by an approving agency, nor shall such non-compliance constitute a cause of action against the City, or its officers, employees, or agents concerning any matter.