Efforts to Reduce Chick-fil-A Queuing On Upper State Street

Authored on
November 17, 2021

The queuing from Chick fil-A’s drive-through onto State Street, (3707 State Street), continues to create serious traffic congestion as well as hazardous conditions for pedestrians. City Staff has reached out to Chick-fil-A emphasizing the significant safety concerns posed by the excessive queuing and is working with representatives on a solution to restore circulation, and most importantly, to preserve public safety.

Chick-fil-A representatives are actively pursuing both short and long-term options, including outside order taking and car service, to mitigate the traffic back-ups.

You can help too! The City is asking for your help to prevent traffic collisions and congestion.  Please do not stop on State Street to queue into Chick-fil-A. In addition, please avoid blocking the sidewalk and bike lane. Blocking sidewalks and bike lanes poses safety concerns for bikers, pedestrians, and especially people with disabilities.

Queuing in the street is not only dangerous and a blockage to normal State Street travel, but it is also illegal. Violators may be subject to citation.



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Shelly Cone, Community Engagement Manager/PIO