Street tree removals on Westside and Eastside coming up

Authored on
March 7, 2022

You might notice City street trees being removed in the Westside and Eastside neighborhoods over the next few days. This is happening as part of the Community Paseos Projects, which aim to make it easy for everyone to get across town whether they choose to drive, walk, bike, scoot, or skate.

While we agree it’s always sad to see a tree go, we love that the Community Paseos Projects will replace the removed trees with even more trees in our neighborhoods—just not in exactly the same spots. The Parks and Recreation Commission reviewed and approved the removals and replacements.

Here’s how it breaks down, plus webpage links and email addresses for each project:

Westside Community Paseos Project:

Eastside Community Paseos Project:

Each project webpage has an email list you can sign up for, so be sure to sign up if you’d like to receive news about a project!