High School Damage

SBHS “Senior Prank” Gone Wrong – SBPD Investigates

Authored on
June 9, 2022

On May 31, 2022, around 10:30 pm, several concerned community members called the Santa Barbara Police Combined Communications Center to report they heard loud, unusual noises, and breaking glass coming from Santa Barbara High School property.

Several Officers responded to the High School to investigate the reported suspicious activity. When Officers arrived on scene, approximately 50-60 high school aged individuals fled the high school’s main building and ran towards East Canon Perdido Street. Officers were able to detain 16 individuals and determined they were Santa Barbara High School students.

It appears upon further investigation a large number of students were attempting to perform a “Senior Prank” that involved gallons of baby oil, Vaseline, raw fish, and oysters being placed all over the floors and door handles. Toilet paper and streamers were strewn in trees on the exterior of the school property. It was also discovered there were numerous items of vandalized property inside the school, to include broken windows and items spray painted. Officers are still determining how the students accessed the interior of the building.

The Santa Barbara High School principal was notified and responded to the school. This incident is currently under police investigation.

The total amount of damage and clean-up costs have yet to be determined. No other information about this investigation is available currently.