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Construction Update for September of 2022:

Authored on
September 21, 2022

Construction on the 900 block of Alisos Street (between Canon Perdido and De La Guerra Streets) is scheduled to start the week of September 19, 2022, and will take place for approximately 15 days for the Eastside Community Paseos Project. The work at this location will include two new pedestrian ramps at the intersection of Canon Perdido and Alisos Streets, in addition to a new sidewalk on the west side of Alisos Street near the intersection.

The following improvements for the Eastside Community Paseos Project have been completed: new bike lanes on Ortega Street between Chapala and Olive Streets, as well as enhanced pedestrian crossings at the intersections of Cota and Quarantina Streets, Cota and Nopal Streets near Santa Barbara Junior High, and Canon Perdido and Nopal Streets near Santa Barbara High School.

Construction on Alisos Street (between De La Guerra and Cacique Streets) and Cota Street (between Milpas and Alisos Streets) will begin after construction for Water Main Replacement FY21A is completed on Alisos Street this fall/winter. 

For questions about the construction phase, please contact Mathew Rojas, Project Engineer, at