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New! Online Building Permit Inspection Requests

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Starting March 5, 2024, Building Permit Inspection requests can now be scheduled online through the City’s Permit Portal! Traditionally, inspection requests have been submitted via phone and email messages, an administratively intensive process for building inspectors. With time saved through ACA requests, inspectors can move into the field for inspections sooner. 

Using an Accela Citizen Access (ACA) account, a requesting party can:

  • Request one or multiple inspections on a specific date.
  • Specify a contact person by choosing from contacts already associated with the building permit case, or enter a different name and contact phone number (e.g. contractor, subcontractor, site manager) for the specific inspection.
  • Add notes for the City building inspector (e.g. gate access code, secondary phone number).
  • Reschedule an inspection.
  • Cancel an inspection.

Upcoming and cancelled inspections are displayed on the building permit page of the ACA account. Inspectors will continue to make morning phone calls to requesting parties to set inspection times for that day.

Account Creation: Instructions to Create a User Account are on the Apply for a Permit page.

Online Request Process: A step-by-step guide  to help navigate the new process can be found on the City’s Building Inspections webpage.

Assistance: For assistance either creating an ACA account, or assistance learning how you can schedule an inspection through your ACA account, email Building and Safety Division staff at: BLDOnline@SantaBarbaraCA.gov

*Phone and Email Inspection Request Phaseout: Inspection requests will move to online only beginning Tuesday, April 9, 2024. ACA accounts will be necessary to request inspections.