2021 Taste of Home – Home Recipe Contest Celebrating Latin American Heritage

Authored on
September 10, 2021

Entry Deadline: October 15th, 2021

​Food is a celebration of culture, connecting us to family heritage. Recipes passed down through generations are a way to maintain traditions. This is especially true for immigrant families. A favorite recipe can instantly transport someone to their country of origin and offer their children a taste of home. Whether recited and memorized and passed down through the oral tradition or preserved in handwritten note cards in familiar handwriting, these recipes have stood the test of time. Now we are inviting members of our immigrant community to share their traditional family recipes in a cookbook.

We’re fired up for your famous Latin recipes. Your lamb chops with homemade chile sauce sound mighty yummy. So do those delicious tamales.

We love pupusas from the skillet as much as the next person, but what about arepas? And, of course, we also love empanadas, papas rellenas, and can’t wait to try your hometown style tacos,as well as a bandeja paisa.

Send us the best from your family for the chance to see your recipe in a cookbook to be published by Santa Barbara Public Library and added to our collections. Contributors will also receive a copy of their own.

Eligibility: This contest is open to all Santa Barbara residents.

How To Enter: Contest ends on October 15, 2021 (the “Deadline Date”).

Submit your Recipe using this form.

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