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Adam Hendel
Principal Civil Engineer
805-897-1921 (office)
805-564-5467 Fax


Land Development Program


Program Objectives:

  • Ensure land development projects comply with applicable regulations including the Subdivision Map Act, sound engineering practices, and City policies and guidelines.
  • Manage and operate the Public Works Permit Counter, which issues over-the-counter Public Works permits, and participates in the review of over 1,000 building construction permits annually.
  • Review and process private land development project applications and coordinate a unified Public Works Department response from all divisions.
  • Assist customers with access to the Public Works library of record drawings and digital geospatial data.
  • Manage and provide enforcement of the Outdoor Dining Program for permits issued for outdoor dining on City Sidewalks, currently in Special Status due to COVID-19. Visit Temporary Outdoor Dining Program for information.