SBPD Officer Sustains Serious Injury while Making Arrest

Authored on
November 9, 2021

On November 10, 2021, around 1:30 a.m., the Santa Barbara Police Combined Communications Center received a report of a large fight involving multiple subjects in the 200 block of West Carrillo Street. It was reported one of the subjects was possibly armed with a knife.

Once officers arrived on scene, they were confronted with a highly agitated subject who threatened to fight officers. The subject, identified as Anthony Isaac Ramirez, 29-year-old Lompoc resident, refused to comply with officer’s verbal commands and was bleeding profusely from a hand injury.

Officers had to physically restrain Ramirez in order to take him into custody. During this time, he was combative, “bucking” his body, and refused to be placed inside a patrol vehicle once under arrest. Ramirez was so combative he was able to violently push one of the arresting officers causing them to lose their balance and strike their head on the metal quarter panel of a police vehicle. Ramirez pivoted and kicked the officer in the face while they were on the ground causing the officer to strike their head again on the police vehicle. The officer lost consciousness due to Ramirez’s attack.

Paramedics arrived on scene and officers were able to move Ramirez to a gurney where he was given sedatives so he could be safely transported via ambulance to Cottage Hospital and be treated for his hand injury. 

The officer was also transported to Cottage Hospital Emergency Room to be treated for a facial injury, head trauma, and a possible concussion.

Ramirez was medically treated, cleared, and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail where he was booked for felony Battery on a Peace Officer, felony Battery Causing Great Bodily Injury, and felony Resisting / Attacking a Peace Officer with Violence. His bail is set at $50,000.

The officer was released from the hospital and will be on medical leave for an undetermined amount time.

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