Introducing New Ways to Pay at Downtown Parking Lots

Authored on
May 8, 2022

Paying for parking in the Downtown Parking lots is now even easier with a new pay-by-phone option that allows customers to Scan – Pay – Go.

Scan. Parkers use their smartphone camera to scan the QR code on their ticket to bring up the payment portal.

Pay. Use your phone to pay your parking fees. The portal accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, ApplePay, and GooglePay.

Go. Upon exit, the pay-by-phone system works with the newly installed License Plate Recognition hardware to automatically raise the gate.

This easy-to-use system does not require customers to register or download an app, and payment may be completed up to ten minutes before exiting the lot.

Downtown Parking maintains nine parking lots and five parking structures with over 3,000 parking stalls, serving over five million vehicles annually. Pay by phone compliments other recent equipment upgrades, which expanded the existing payment options by adding NFC payments and tap-to-pay.

So, the next time you visit downtown, park and pay the easy way. Scan. Pay. Go.




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