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Santa Barbara Police Department
215 East Figueroa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

(805) 897-2300 (805) 897-2434 Fax
In case of emergency, call 9-1-1   
Non-Emergency Dispatch, 805-882-8900


Narcotics & Vice


This group usually dresses in very casual clothing. They work all narcotic cases and are called upon frequently for "expert" examination of suspected narcotic users and dealers. Vice cases such as prostitution and gambling are investigated by this unit.


The Santa Barbara Police Department Narcotics Section consists of a Sergeant and several Detectives. 

The narcotics section works together with the community and receives a great deal of information from the public regarding illegal drug activity. This information has resulted in many arrests of persons involved in the sales and use of illegal drugs.

The public can assist the Police Department by watching for signs of drug activity in their neighborhoods. A common sign of drug sales from a residence can be a large number of people or vehicles coming to a residence and staying for a very short period of time. Often times there is heavy activity occurring during the late evening hours. Other signs are hand to exchanges of small packets or money. These are just a few indicators of possible drug activity. If you suspect that this is occurring in your neighborhood we encourage you to report it and work together with us in solving this problem.

If you wish to report possible activity, you can call the Narcotics Section at (805) 897-2386. You may also Email information to us at narcs@sbpd.com. Your identity and personal information will be kept confidential.


The Santa Barbara Police Department has an investigator assigned to Vice. They are responsible for investigating prostitution related crimes, pornography and unlawful gambling. They are also responsible for monitoring the activity of massage parlors, escort services and adult entertainment to ensure that prostitution activity is not occurring.

If you have information regarding vice activity you are encouraged to contact Sergeant D. Tagles at (805) 897-2335. You may also Email him with information at dtagles@sbpd.com. Your identity and information will be kept confidential.

See the National Institute on Drug Abuse web site for information about common drugs of abuse.