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Andrea Bifano,
Rental Housing Mediation Supervisor

Raymond Rengo
Rental Housing Mediation Specialist

(805) 564-5420

Mailing Address
Community Development RHMP Staff
PO Box 1990,
Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990

Office Hours
Walk-ins are from 8:30am to noon, with office hours after noon being by appointment only. Staff is available for telephone consultations from 8 am to 5 pm.


Mediation Services


Mediation is a process in which a neutral person or persons facilitate communication between parties to assist them in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

The mediator helps the parties to communicate, assists them in generating options, and helps them analyze any proposed settlement to make sure the proposed solution is an informed and realistic one that will provide a long-term solution.

  • Participation in the mediation process is voluntary.
  • The parties are not coerced to enter dispute resolution.
  • The role of the mediators and staff is neutral, with no conflict of interest in the dispute.

All participants are treated equally without any special benefit or consideration.

The parties, ultimately, make the final decision as to how they want to resolve their dispute.


Why It Works

Mediation works because the parties themselves have complete control of the process.

The mediator does not impose a settlement on them.

Parties are able to state their positions fully, without regard to whether their facts are legally "relevant", which allows them to feel that thy are being heard by the other party.

After discussion, the parties ultimately determine their resolution and how to implement it.

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