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Adopted 2020 Downtown-Focused Amendments


During the City Council discussion on the COVID-19 Update on April 21, 2020, Councilmembers expressed interest in prioritizing a subset of previously identified ordinance amendments to better facilitate economic recovery and construction of new housing developments in the downtown and on April 28, 2020, directed staff to expedient certain amendments for the downtown separate from the complete package. On August 4, 2020, Council adopted the Amendments Focused on the Central Business District which:

  • Added High Density with Priority Overlay in much of the Central Business District (CBD).
  • Changed parking standards from a minimum of one parking space per unit to a maximum of one space per unit in the CBD.
  • Allowed for unbundled parking for multi-unit residential development in the CBD.
  • Increased the maximum height limit from 45 feet to 48 feet in the C-G and M-C Zones, within the Priority Housing Overlay, in the CBD.
  • Clarified that the required alternative open yards for the AUD Program in the O-R, C-M, C-G, and  M-C zones can be built at grade or above grade (on roof decks).
  • Eliminated the 250-unit provision ending the initial AUD Program trial period.

 The City Council agenda reports can be found here