Website Accessibility


The City of Santa Barbara's website has been designed with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) in mind for making web content accessible to people with disabilities (ADA compliance).

  • Simple and Consistent
    Our web site uses simple information architecture with uniform navigation and reliable headings throughout. Content layout and graphical design are consistent on every page.
  • "Skip to:" Links
    Skip to navigation links are accessed by tabbing into the page. These links allow the visitor to jump to the main navigation or the content area of the page by skipping the navigation and other banner elements, which repeat on every page. Links are provided to the Website Accessibility page (this page) and the Website Policies page from the footer of each page on the site.
  • Main Site Navigation and Sub-Navigation
    The main navigation, located just below the title banner, and sub-navigation, usually located at the left column of the page content area, uses lists. Lists make it easier for screen readers to read down the list without having to sort through unnecessary code. Lists also allow the users to use the tab key to move from link to link.
  • Images with Alternative Text
    Photographs and other relevant images on the site are accompanied by alternative text (the alt attribute of the HTML image tag). Alt tags provide a written description of the image, which is accessible to screen readers, and it is visible when the mouse is placed over the image. This is also useful for people who have images turned off on their browser, in which case a description will display where the image used to be.
  • Style Sheets
    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used for content layout and many graphical elements (color, font styles, custom titles, and subtitles, etc.) Using CSS for styling keeps our HTML clean, streamlined, easier to maintain, and it downloads faster. Style sheets can be replaced by the user's own styles or overwritten by assistive applications, such as the UserWay Accessibility Widget

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Additional Website Accessibility Tools and Accomodations

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