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City Film Permits


Think Santa Barbara for your next production project

Photo & Film Credits

There Will be Blood, Deathproof, Sideways, Seabiscuit, Hidalgo, Of Mice and Men, My Favorite Martian, 1966 Batman Movie, numerous commercials and catalog shoots.

Santa Barbara often serves as the backdrop for a multitude of film / video productions and commercial photo shoots because we have a great variety of picture perfect locations to choose from and mild weather to boot. Download the Application.

Permit Requirements

The City of Santa Barbara offers a one-stop permitting process with the Parks and Recreation Department acting as the lead in issuing these permits.  Staff coordinates as many internal logistics as possible among other City departments such as Police, Fire, Public Works and Waterfront to help make your project a successful one.

Note that a photo and film/video permit is required ALWAYS for any shoot; with the only exception being "not-for-profit" photo shoots occurring on private property that have no impact to the public. 


Resources and details about photography and filming in the City of Santa Barbara and in the Santa Barbara County can be found on the Santa Barbara County Film Commission website. Get started quickly and visit City of Santa Barbara Filming details. 

For further questions about these permits, call our permitting office at (805) 897-1982 or (805) 897-1999.