Large Items & Loads


So, what do you do with the big stuff? Here's a hint: DO NOT just drag it out to the curb and leave it there!  We have several options:


Large Item Pickups

Find out how to schedule a large item pick up

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Before you trash it - are your large items in good condition?

Before disposing of bulky items such as furniture, appliances, computers, construction waste, or chopped wood, first determine its usability factor. Are these items in good working order, and would someone else find them valuable? Or are they broken, useless, and just plain junk?

Your cast-offs might be another person's treasure - and they will pick it up, too! Many people have use for:

  • Furniture, appliances, electronics, and exercise and play equipment
  • Rocks, plants, and dirt
  • Bricks, concrete chunks (riprap), and other construction materials
  • Lumber and firewood

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Alternative Disposal Options

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