Waterfront Department Storm Damage Recovery


The Santa Barbara waterfront and harbor continue to recover from the strong storms and high tides from earlier this month. 

Waterfront businesses, with the exception of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club, are open.

Due to the massive amount of sand pushed into the harbor by the recent storms, the harbor entrance was extremely impacted and hazardous to navigate. 

Harbor depth survey 1/27/23
01/27/23 Santa Barbara Harbor
Condition Survey


The Waterfront Department immediately began working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to initiate emergency dredging operations.

The dredge Sandpiper arrived on January 22 and successfully cleared the federal channel on January 28

The Aids to Navigation buoys are off station so vessels transiting the channel should use caution.

Mariners looking to enter or depart the harbor should contact Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol on VHF 12 (or 16) for updated information.

The Waterfront Department worked under an emergency repair permit with California Coastal Commission to install a section of rock revetment between the Santa Barbara Yacht Club parking lot and Harbor West parking lot to protect against further erosion and property damage. The revetment work is complete but further repairs still need to be made to the Harbor West parking lot. Parking restrictions in the Harbor West lot can be expected. We ask that you respect signage and posted parking lot closures while this work is completed. 


Emergency Rock Revetment
Rock revetment