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Contact Information

Rosie Calvillo, Executive Assistant


Measure P Committee

Measure P was passed by the voters of the City of Santa Barbara at the Special Municipal Election held on November 7, 2006. Measure P relates to the City of Santa Barbara mandating that the Santa Barbara Police give State and Federal marijuana laws the lowest law enforcement priority possible. It also mandated the establishment of a community Oversight Committee.

General Functions

  • To ensure timely implementation of Santa Barbara Municipal Code (SBMC) Chapter 9.145, Lowest Law Enforcement Priority Policy Ordinance.
  • To receive any grievances from individuals who believe they were subjected to law enforcement activity contrary to the lowest law enforcement priority policy.
  • To design a supplemental report form for Santa Barbara law enforcement officers to use to report all adult marijuana arrests, citations and property seizures, and all instances of officers assisting in state or federal arrests, citations and property seizures for any adult marijuana offenses.
  • To request additional information from any Santa Barbara law enforcement officer who engaged in law enforcement activity relating to one or more marijuana offenses under circumstances which appear to violate the lowest law enforcement priority policy.
  • To submit written reports semi-annually to the Council on the implementation of SBMC 9.145.

Committee Functions


7 Members


Appointees may not hold any full-time paid office or employment in City government.

  • Two residents of the City.
  • One criminal defense attorney.
  • One civil liberties advocate.
  • One medical marijuana patient.
  • One medical professional.
  • One drug abuse, treatment and prevention counselor.

Length of Term

Four years or until a member’s successor is appointed by the Mayor. Staggered terms expire on December 31 of the appropriate year.

Meeting Schedule

The Committee meets quarterly on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. in the Police Department Murphy Room, 215 E Figueroa Street.

Time Involved

Unknown at this time.

Financial Disclosure Requirement

Member may be required to file Statements of Economic Interests.




Police Department, (805) 897-2300.


Santa Barbara Municipal Code Section 9.145.060; Resolution No. 07-011.