Substandard Building Request for Investigation


Please provide as much of the requested information as possible. An incomplete or unreadable Request may result in delays or failure to open a case. Zoning and Building cases can take considerable time to process and proceed to abatement.  

Code Compliance staff does not update, call or email the complainant unless additional information is needed. A copy of the information provided will be made available upon submittal and a confirmation email will be sent to the reporting party.

Use this form when reporting substandard housing or commercial building conditions. Some examples may include inadequate sanitation, plumbing, cooking facilities, structural or mechanical systems, ceilings, roofs, existing pathways, lead or mold hazards, or conditions that create a fire hazard. See California Health & Safety Code Sections 17920.3 and 17920.10 for a complete descriptions. 

Anonymous complaints will be assigned a lower priority than those with an identified reporting party.