Trash & Recycling


City Trash & Recycling manages reliable, cost-effective collection of residential and commercial waste. We assist homeowners, renters, and businesses in making the most of a suite of modern waste services available to them. We also negotiate and manage the contract with our city's franchised waste hauler, MarBorg.

Our primary focus is to design services and build programs that will maximize diversion of solid waste from landfill disposal.

A community member returns motor oil to a Used Oil Collection Center

Disposing of Special Waste

Many of the products under your sink and in the garage are toxic and should not be released into the environment.  Businesses can also generate hazardous waste in their industrial operations, cleaning, or supply chain.


Important Legislation

Approved Trash & Recycling Rates for FY 2023

City Trash and Recycling aims to provide comprehensive, modern services to City residents and businesses while ensuring stability in our rates.

Plastic Straw Information Page

Please visit the Plastic Straw Ban Information Page for more details.

Foam Ban Information Page

Please visit the Foam Ban Information Page for more details.

How to Dispose of Everything

The City of Santa Barbara provides a comprehensive set of waste and recycling services through our citywide waste hauler, MarBorg Industries.

This video explains how to deal with items like paint, electronic waste, batteries and bulky items that do not belong in the trash or on the side of the road.