Election Night Tally Plans


Election Tally Results

The City of Santa Barbara has contracted with the Los Angeles County Elections office to provide certain election services. These services include the tally and canvas of returned ballots. Thus, the ballot tally will occur in Norwalk, California at the Los Angeles County offices. Because of the time to transport ballots from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles County, the tally results released on Election Night will not include all ballots received in Santa Barbara on Election Day.

There will be one tally on November 5, between 8:15 and 9:00 p.m. This will include, the City expects, ballots received in the Santa Barbara Post Office and received at City Hall through Monday, November 4. A second tally will then be run the afternoon of Friday, November 8. This second tally will include all of the ballots received at City Hall on Election Day (both from the Post Office and from the Drop-off Centers), as well as those ballots received in the mail on Wednesday, November 6, and have a postmark date of November 5.

Finally, there will be an additional tally the following week covering ballots picked up at the Post Office on Thursday, November 7, and Friday, November 8, but postmarked by Election Day, and including those returned ballots received with missing signatures where the signature is completed by Wednesday, November 13.